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Saturday, September 11, 2010


Kitty, says the vet, is losing his fur on his tummy, tail and back legs because he is stressed.
You thought I was exaggerating about the garden devastation next door, didn't you? But Kitty and I are now officially stressed. Poor Kitty. He has a new place he sits these days. I thought it was because he liked it. But he is obviously anxiously watching over his domain, looking at the spot his favourite pohutakawa tree used to be, and wondering, like me, what they will cut down next.

Poor Kitty. I've given him some cat nip. He's sitting beside me purring. I think I'll have chocolate for lunch.


Lyndle said...

Well hello! I saw someone in Welly commenting on Peter /Cathy's blog today and checked yours out. Small town! Love the New Look top below, it's great. I looked and looked for a pattern like this - ended up with something else I haven't made up yet, so might jsut get this one instead. Admire the vertical gardening. So impressed at strawberries. Sounds very sad about the gardens.. but more sun is always good.And so is chocolate for lunch. There's a lady at the Berhampore shops who does aWESOMe hot chocolates - that's what I had for lunch :-)
Lyndlenz (Lynley who knows you IRL)

The Sagittarian said...

Poor Kitty, maybe he should pop over the fence and sneak Ninja Kitty style into their house and poop in their shoes!

Morven said...

My dear departed Scooter used to lick the entire insides of her legs and her belly from time to time - it felt like suede. Now Smudge, one of my new cats has a teeny we square on her side that she licks bald - I think because we had a stray cat in the house. I've heard that Bach rescue remedy can work on kitties.
Thinking of you