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Wednesday, November 02, 2011


On the beach - Hoi An, Vietnam June 2011

  • My food blogging friend back in Wellington for a few days from far away suggests we meet in a cafe. "What's good near you" she asks. I work out that I have eaten out three times since I came home from Vietnam in June. One Vietnamese restaurant on the Tory/Vivian Street corner (it was good, I'll have to go find it's name). The Tinakori Bistro, in a private room with a set menu. Seriously good, greatly enhanced by the company and the superb wine. And Hede, in Cuba Street. Gone a little upmarket with its prices and it's new plywood backed menu sans pictures. Not as good as it used to be, and not as busy either. Shall search out better Japanese option. I don't even go out for coffee much, but have a favourite Mojo in Bond Street, where the owner knows my name, mostly cos of the wine I've drunk there on Friday evenings, but not so much this year. There have been the occasional fish and chip picnics, and some thai takeaways. I'm not counting room service salads in Auckland hotels. They do not count. I buy my lunch maybe once a month. Maybe.

  • Said food blogging friend will now have big grin on her face. I'd suggested Thunderbird in Featherston Street, but I stood her up. Stayed home with my cough and my sneezes. I met someone there a coupla months ago. (another friend from far away!) I liked it. But I drank peppermint tea. Do you eat out? Am I just weird?

  • I like to cook. My favourite cooking happens on Wed (for my boyfriend/partner/significant other what on earth shall I call him?), and on Sunday, slow food usually, for the teenagers. Usually more to my taste than to theirs.

  • I went to Cambodia and Vietnam in June. Oh my! It was heaven. I had the best time. Yes I should blog it. I should.

  • I turned 50 in September. Hooray! I had a birthday party. The last time I did that I was 33.

  • I have grown 6 asparagus spears from my 5 new plants in their brand new bed. It's going to be a great harvest next year.

  • I spent a weekend in Christchurch recently. It was a sobering kindof visit. The roads! The rubble! The displaced persons! The empty houses! The rest of us just have no idea. We must keep on being supportive and strive to understand the difficulties they face, even though it's not headline news any more.

  • I am on the public hospital waiting list to have my gall bladder removed. The anticipated 6 months of waiting are up in January. I expect I won't hear from them til Feb or March, don't you? Nah, it doesn't hurt too much, but I've lost 4 or 5 kilos. When it does it's becos I ate something I shouldn't have (though I didn't think tonites chicken noodle soup would give me a pain - blah!)

  • I made a quilt. my only one for the year. and a dress. I should blog them too.

  • I'm home alone...it's very rare these days. I have complete control of the tv and the laptop. I'll probably go to bed early, cos there's nothing on tv.

  • So, what's new with you??

  • The formatting has gone nutso, and my laptop has developed a black line across the bottom third of the screen. yes, I'm definitely going to bed early....


Ali Honey said...

That's a lot of blog posts rolled into one. Yes I would like to see the quilt you made, please.
No I/ we don't eat out mush at all, unless we are away from home.

Another Outspoken Female said...

Had a quiet brekkie (corn fritters) and a good coffee at the Lido cos it was closer to my drop off place. The grin however came from using the free wifi downtown for the first time. Yah! One very long email took my entire breakfast to read.

Glad you kept your germies to yourself :)

The Sagittarian said...

I was soooo lucky that you came to visit me, bless and thank you! Our insurance guys seem to think they will have us rebuilt by June - and I think he meant next year!! Watch this space, and keep your dance card free for one helluva housewarming party!!
I ate out today, had a West Coast Whitebait Patti Sandwich at the free Blues concert in Hagley Park. Heaven on bread!!