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Monday, February 06, 2012


They're quite nice aren't they? They'd make good beads or something.

There are 16 of them, and they were in my gall bladder. Yuck!

So no wonder it would hurt a bit most days, for the last 6 months or so....but if I'm really honest, for a year or two at least, on and off. And they were probably the cause of that little incident on a plane about 4 years ago. Pain! Luckily (??!!) I was diagnosed in June, in the middle of about 10 days of major pain, when my gall bladder it got itself infected. Oh lordy! It was like being in labour...the pain! The doctors and nurses and their painkilling injections and pills were very good. So then I waited 6 months (almost exactly the time they predicted) on the public waiting list, and I had a text-book straight forward laparoscopic gall bladder removal.

And now, close to 4 weeks on, I feel less like someone has kicked me in the stomach, and more like I've done 200 sit-ups. It's getting better all the time. It's a bit of a miracle cure really. Nice.

(Pointing out research that suggests increased risk of bowel cancer strictly forbidden and all suggestions that fat free diet is even more necessary now shall be ignored in favour of happy icecream eating).


Ali B said...

OMG - they're huge! (I thought it was home made lollies you were showing off until I read a bit more - ick)

You poor thing!

Another Outspoken Female said...

Boulders I'd say! Glad you're feeling better. And go the public health system, it's a wonderful institution.

Mary deB said...

Wow, you could tell people they were dragon teeth or something! I have been negligent about reading here. Loving the Trademe posts! Oh, all the lovely stuff that is around!