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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Saturday again already?

It is Saturday again already, after another fleeting week full of work. I missed a plane to Auckland and had to catch the next one. I got to the check-in 15mins before the flight, but they wouldn't let me on. I blame Osama. Such fun to fly to Auckland and back for the day. I went to a hui and a general meeting. I met some truly inspirational people fighting the good fight against methamphetamines and other drugs in their communities. Thank goodness for them and their staunch hearts. The best thing about going to a hui of course is the singing. That alone was worth the trip. Oh yes, there was also some studying, and lots of swimming too, but no stitching.

Quilt of the day. Note how a quick snapshot is not good enough to use as the photograph required for entering an exhibition. In reality this quilt is very square and hangs straight and flat. Once it travelled to Queenstown to hang at the national symposium exhibition 1999. My first entry, and my first acceptance for the national symposium. I made the first block in a class with Jenny Hunter. Jenny writes and designs for NZ Quilter magazine.

Now I am thinking about what to enter for symposium 2007. Step number one is complete....I bought some soda ash and some procien dyes. Next I think I need some fabric.

The house is full of boys tonight. Happily, one of them is cooking dinner, and two are downstairs in a bedroom up to who-knows-what pre-teen mischief that undoubtedly trashes the room. One is playing his guitar very pleasantly within earshot. I have not one, but two, bottles of super-cheap ($7.00), very very very drinkable pinot from the supermarket. "Quaff winery of the year 2006" says the sticker on the label. Ha! Quaffing while blogging sounds good to me. A refreshed glass will accompany me to bind the heart quilt.

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Shirley Goodwin said...

Didn't you do well to get a quilt accepted at Symposium, especially on your first attempt! I was there at Queenstown.

Judy said...

LOVE that quilt!! It would go so nicely in my home!!!!

Shirley Goodwin said...

Pixie, I buy rolls of fabric from Wales & Mackinley - usually "Bee & Flower".