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Saturday, April 29, 2006

I oughta be...

I oughta be:

  • writing my essay (level crossings are a road safety issue) for a Queensland University paper I'm doing by correspondence. Alas, I don't go to lectures in Brisbane. Check out these extraordinary rail safety commercials from South Australia;
  • making some Kumera soup for which I just bought all the ingredients;
  • tidying up the bedroom and hanging up/washing all the going-to-work clothes.

But instead, I've been swimming with my Harbour Capital Masters mates, and now I'm tired. 200m warm up, 2 x 200m medleys, 16x25m sprints, 8 x 50 breaststroke drills, 100m warm down. Not one of our longest or hardest sessions, but enough to earn breakfast at the cafe! I love Saturday mornings. I will be back in the pool tomorrow, swimming time trials for a meet in May. Oh I wish I was younger and fitter!

Self Portrait in progress. I love my pink goggles! Swim Pixie, swim!

Instead of writing that essay, I'd rather show you quilts by P the Prolific which I got to see at our quilting get-together during the week., when I should have been at home writing my essay.

This one is made from 2.5" strips...

and this one is a wedding quilt for her daughter. It is mostly batiks. They are both, of course, even more lovely in the flesh (or should that be fabric). P the prolific is a wizzard with colour in scrap quilts.

Right, there will have to be rules I guess. No more blogging until 3000 words completed. Wish me luck!


Another Outspoken Female said...

Hey it looks just like you too :)

Bad news for your Victorian colleagues - train v truck, 2 dead, v messy :(

Ali Honey said...

Well Done on being a good swimmer(wish I was )and the kumara soup sounds just right - it's getting to be that sort of weather. ( does it have a little cummin in it?)
Something that worries me and you may not have thought of-If you are the first vehicle in line to pull up at a rail crossing; stop well clear as another vehicle could fail to stop and shunt your vehicle onto the line. Hope you find the right words. Alison.

Elle said...

The wedding quilt's gorgeous. Hey, what is kumara soup? Did I miss a post about it?

Pixie said...

No elle, you didn't miss anything. Kumera is NZ's native sweet potato, it's the only one I've ever eaten so I can't make any comparison. It has purple skin and golden insides, and it is delicious.

Fran├žoise said...

I like your self portrait. Can't wait to see it finished!