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Friday, August 11, 2006

Oh the places I go!

How to beat the winter blues.
Leave Wellington on a cold cold rainy morning.

Spend a day at work in Gisborne, then walk by the sea nice and early in the morning. Meet with bright and passionate community representatives. Immerse yourself in a little glimpse of maori culture. Bask in the warmth of rich and strong community spirit.

(I did my best to keep out of the water. This beach must get groomed in the summertime, but in the winter it was teeming with beautiful gnarly driftwood).

Next, drive with a carful of colleagues through spectacular native forest reserve to Whakatane. I guess I should have asked the driver to stop for a picture. The forest was full of Nikau palms, the river was fast, clear and blue.

Stay the night at Ohope Beach. Paddle in the water, walk by the sea.
(This is the sunrise from my bedroom window. Yep, the beach was just across the road. There was a full moon the night before).
Meet with more committed community representatives. Enjoy the pace of life and the happy, positive vibe of a small regional centre and people who really are making a difference.

Thank goodness for the opportunity to get out of the ivory tower in the heart of the concrete jungle. Posted by Picasa


Kelvin said...

Hello from the other end of the island !!! Just passing thru, so I thought I would say hello to you. I have never been to wellington airport - looks foggy !!!

The Sagittarian said...

Oh I love your photos. Maybe we should go on the lam one day and just click our way to wherever our hearts desire!! (No photos after 3 bottles of wine tho please)

Miriam said...

looks like a very relaxing and beautiful trip.