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Thursday, September 21, 2006

There went the week

Well, the week whizzed by, after a lovely Wairarapa weekend with endless blue sky.
My friend and I made another clothesline full of hand-dyes. We used turquoise and golden yellow and carmine red as the parent colours. Made some nice blue greens and plummy purple/reds. Will there be time to stitch them into something before the Symposium deadline?

Forest Green, for a year of colour. Edward as a Cub. I made about 30 of those scarves one year! The cub/scout movement has been good for my boys, even though the "duty to God and the Queen" and all that is a bit much. They really did learn some useful knots, and they know how to fold a flag. Never know when that'll come in handy. I am grateful to the volunteers who organise a programme that's fun and educational, and who subject themselves willingly to a tiny hall full of 25 x 9 and 10 year old boys once a week.

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