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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Quilts of the Day

I washed two quilts today. Here they are pictured drying outside. It's a good day for drying quilts, overcast and a little breezy.
Double Wedding Ring (1998 or thereabouts). 1930s reproduction fabrics, worn and faded now, which adds to its antique look.

Blue Star (1999 or thereabouts). A classic 2-colour quilt in my favourite colour combo. I'm stopping myself from telling you what's wrong with each of them. Quilters always do that. I wonder if other artists do? We learn a little from each quilt we make. I'm still enjoying the learning.
Green yellow treasures, for a year of colour. More yellow in real life than my monitor is showing. A tiny bowl bargain from an asian food warehouse, and a shibori dyed piece of silk, from a craft market . The silk may get worn as a scarf, or maybe cut up and used in some art.

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kirsty said...

Lovely wedding ring quilt :)

Ali Honey said...

Your 2 quilts look like they have lots of life in them yet, and have come up clean and bright.What washing method did you use? ( soap; water temp etc. )

We've been having good drying winds up here too, so I guess you are lucky yours stayed on the line.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Lovely greens, Pixie.

Flibbertygibbet said...

Fabulous quilts, would love to see more of your stuff!!

Mary deB said...

Knitters tend to tell people what's wrong with things. See here, the sleeve is set in a bit wonky and over here one stitch is twisted! Sheesh.
I love the green yellow!

Fiona said...

Hi Pixie, thanks for visiting my blog - thought I'd pop over and check out your weeking ring quilt - you're right, they look even better when they're washed.