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Sunday, April 01, 2007

I love my wetsuit

This is my wetsuit. Of course it looks much better with me in it. I love it dearly, I love it more than I love my sewing machine, and that's saying something. I could always sew by hand, right? But could I swim in Wellington's waters without a wetsuit? Not me. A couple of my (mad) swimming buddies do though. Today the inner harbour waters are choppy, which makes the outward swim hard going, and the inward swim much easier. We swam from raft to raft to a buoy and then around the fountain and back. There were a few jellyfish...we try not to bang into them, although I did hit a couple today. They're harmless to the wetsuit clad...and quite beautiful. We climbed up onto the rafts and leapt into the water. Must have amused the Sunday strollers on shore. We swam the last lap from raft to beach a couple of times, stopping to check out the starfish, big and bright on the sandy bottom, and we had a couple of underwater swimming races. No one was in a hurry to get out of the water. Then we all went out for coffee and planned a marathon swim before the end of the season. The Sunday morning swims are going to keep going all winter. So they say. Time will tell I guess.
The sea, good company, good coffee, and my beautiful wetsuit. I'm a happy Pixie.

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African Kelli said...

Oooh, what fun! I so wish I was there for one of those swims. I would just love it!