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Thursday, April 19, 2007


  • It's the ex's birthday. Do I buy him a present?
  • I've made spanakopita. It was great. I'll be eating it for a week. What do I do with the rest of the filo?
  • Keep the guns away from the people. Then the people can't do the shooting. It's easy isn't it?
  • and that guy, the one that fell asleep getting petrol...his sentence oughta help him get his act together don't you think?
  • so why is everyone criticising the sentence for this young fella? For crying out loud, he got the toughest sentence someone his age could get for that crime. Isn't that sufficient?
  • If Ali is only just testing the kiwifruit to see if it's time to pick them, where do the rock hard, very sour ones at the supermarket actually come from?
  • I've only got to write another 200 words or so. Then tidy up the references, make sure I spelt my name right and the essay is done. I can do that tonight can't I?


kirsty said...

1. No. Buy yourself a pair of shoes instead.
2. Throw it away now. Beats putting it in the fridge and throwing it out in a fortnight when it's all dry and crumbly. Note: next time use all of it on the spanakopita - you can never have too much filo in any one food item.
3. Yes it is. If you're a kiwi.
4. Sure hope so.
5. You would think that would be sufficient, wouldn't you? He's only 16 for pete's sake. Hopefully there's time for him.
6. Dunno, but we get them from There, too.
7. You sure can! Go you!!

Helen said...

1. Definitely not! But it is okay to enable your kids to buy him one (only if you feel like it), even if he NEVER reciprocates. You'd be doing it for the kids benefit, not his.

2. I used to know what this is, what has happened to my brain? Is it the stuff with egg and spinach? Use the leftover filo for a nice apple pie - or something (egg and spinach?).

3. You would think so, wouldn't you.

4. It would be nice if it did, but it is unlikely. He will probably be back drinking heavily as soon as he gets out unless a miracle takes place.

5. One lives in hope.

6. Not from Ali.

7 Of course you can. You've just written over 150 for this post. Go, slay the dragon!

Another Outspoken Female said...

A card for the Taurean might be appropriate. Perhaps you can make references to kyaking and going to the theatre now he has some free time?

Re: filo - one word - Dessert!

The Sagittarian said...

I agree, I think a card might be ok. You still amicable, right? Anyway, I also like the idea of shoes. Do both. card for him. Shoes for you. Balanced.

meggie said...

Ah yes, I like Sagittarian's balance answer.
Pretty much agree with others about the other answers.
But the mystery remains over the Kiwifruit... we buy them over here, leave them in a dish for 2-3 weeks, & the poor things are still so hard, they would make good cricket balls.

Shirley Goodwin said...

1. Hell no. Who cares how old he is?
2. You can maybe freeze it.
3. That guy's family were mad he got jailed, it won't do the dickhead any good.
4. Actually I think it should have been tougher. He killed 2 people, y'know.
5. Dunno. Mine are often tooooo ripe.
6. Course you can!