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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Dear Big Horn Quilts

Dear Big Horn Quilts,
I got a lot of mail the other day. There were bills, of course, and lots of mail for people who cannot have lived here for many years. The lovely post-person had ventured through the gate and left the global priority envelope on the front step. It could only be from you. It arrived really quickly, not withstanding the Easter holiday, and was beautifully packed, as ususal. I especially like the handwritten 'thanks' from the person who packed it.
Look what was inside. Does it amuse you to send a package from Wyoming to little old New Zealand? It sure makes me smile to open it. There were two Quilting Arts Magazines because I'd got a bit behind. There are the daffodil fabrics for the back of my quilt. I'll have to finish it now. There's the tape measure fabric just for fun, and that pink rosy thing, which is for something specific. I don't like it much, but it's perfect for the job I have in mind. Oh, but look at this one. Birds and roses. Red and gold. And I have a whole yard of it! Sorry I haven't ironed it, I'm too busy studying to be ironing.

It's beautiful isn't it? Thanks Big Horn Quilts. I'll come and visit you one day.

Love Pixie, who is studying, of course.


Helen said...

Studying? What did the Tui ad say? Who can study when such luscious mail arrives? (When I was studying I found the closer I was to a deadline the more pressing I found the need to do something else.) And I bet your new issue of NZ Quilter arrived as well.

Judy said...

What lovely fabrics!!
Keep studying...I'll be your cheerleader!! RAH RAH!!! It will all pay off!!
When you visit Big Horn, you'd better head southeast and come see me too!

Anonymous said...

I hope you'll post this to Julie (who owns bighornquilts) - I know she'd be thrilled!

Shirley Goodwin said...

Yummy parcel!

Martha said...

Here are your 5 questions:

1. What direction in life didn't you take when you were 18?

2. What talent are you particularly proud of?

3. What is your favourite thing with pasta?

4. Red or white?

5. Who is your favourite actor?

Justine said...

hey, i recognise that last one! my grandma had it as curtains, and my mum still has some of it hanging. her's must have faded cos it isn't that yellow, its more a creamy colour.

:) happy quilting