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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Saturday again

I did enjoy all those blog birthday comments, thanks!
I'm studying today, and tomorrow. Have you noticed how I write blog posts when I'm "studying"?
I've eeked out the very last shred of sunlight left around the house to sit in to read. See how the shadows have finally caught up with me? I'm going to have to sit by a heater now. "Drug and Drink Driving by University Students: An Exploration of the Influence of Attitudes" (Davey, Davey and Obst). Want to join me? No, thought not.
Look, the sun is still shining way over there. This is the view from my favourite room. The windows are superb aren't they? They're very english in style, hand painted and hand coloured glass I suspect. (Dear A&E, homeowners, see how calm the sea is? No good for surfing, no point in your returning early).


The Editter said...

Those windows are just gorgeous!

Helen said...

Your windows are to die for!

Judy said...

ohhhh, what a view!!...and the windows aren't too shabby either!