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Sunday, May 13, 2007


  • Can't find my keys. Perhaps they're in Australia somewhere. Happily there was a house key stashed in a secret place so I could get in. Also happily there were spare car keys at my former residence.
  • The smoke alarm decided it needed a new battery. Nice of it to let me know, at 3am.
  • I managed to drain the car battery overnight, car won't go. Must have left the boot open or something.
  • Missed my ocean swim because the car wouldn't start. Very frustrating. My body needs some serious exercise.
  • Can't take the DVD back, because the car won't start. The first one I've borrowed on my new membership. HA!
  • Met some nice neighbours who tried to help me start the car. Car won't go. Nice swim buddy came by to see if he could help. Car won't go. Called the AA. Oh yes, had to call former residence to get AA membership number. Bugger.
  • Very nice AA man came. Car won't go.
  • Very nice towing man came. Offered to buy car! Momentarily tempted. But then I'd need a new car. Not a good idea. Car gone now.
  • Can't pick up boys, so they decided to stay where they were, then all (yes, all....it's very civilised around chez Pixie) come over for dinner. I figure I'll do the Mothers Day baking that Ed and I had planned, all by myself. Discover resident mice, in desperation, have got into the self-raising flour specially purchased yesterday. Which led to the boot being open. Which led to the car not starting. Well, you get the picture.

Oh yeah, happy Mothers Day to me. This independence lark is feeling a bit over-rated today!!


Judy said...

Hope your day ended on a better note than the one it began on!


Shirley Goodwin said...

Heehee, I can sympathise with the mouse thing. I once scooped a cup of flour out of my 5kg bag, only to find a strange item hanging over the edge. This turned out to be a mouse's tail. I was so surprised that I just watched it jump put of the cup and escape. It's the sort of thing you wouldn't believe if it hadn't happened to you - but the kids saw it so I had witnesses.

Sooziii said...

Oh my - talk about one thing leading to another - I hope today will be much better for you.

meggie said...

Be Well!
OMG the mouse thing...
The AA thing- totally understand. there is a whole vanguard of readers who may not.

Another Outspoken Female said...

Stop playing with trains and get back blogging :)

The Sagittarian said...

I agree, where are you???