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Saturday, May 12, 2007


Martha asked me some questions a while back:

1. What direction in life didn't you take when you were 18?
I didn't go to Otago University. I turned down my place in a hostel and pulled out of courses when I was offered a coveted, impossible-to-get job as a copywriter with Radio New Zealand. It was a good decision. I worked all over NZ for a few years and had a lot of fun.

2. What talent are you particularly proud of?
I believe in the power of positive thinking. And believe me, sometimes it takes real talent. (Sentence beginning with 'and', especially for Martha).

3. What is your favourite thing with pasta?
A good dollup of fresh tomato sauce with lots of herbs and garlic please.

4. Red or white?
Whatcha got? A good Sav Blanc please, or maybe a Pinot. A Merlot would be nice, a Chardonnay will do fine if it's cold. I'll have what you're having.

5. Who is your favourite actor?
Have you seen Breaking and Entering? I really enjoyed it. Jude Law. Quiet, subtle and a little too pleased with himself. And needing a shave. Mmmmmmm very nice.

Judy has tagged me with the 7 things meme. (I reckon she's stretching the truth with hers). Well let's see:

1. I hate marmalade. Hate it. It's the one thing I don't eat. Ever.

2. I love cherry ripes. A lot. That's one good reason to go to Australia. You can't buy them in NZ these days. Why is that?

3. I made my first quilt in 1983. Really. It's lovely too, a red, white and blue log cabin. I hand quilted it. I left it behind when I moved houses. That was a mistake. I'll pick it up tomorrow.

4. I struggled for 8 weeks to breastfeed Jack, my first boy. I did it. AOF sent me a medal to celebrate. It was so important to me, I refused to give up, although that probably would've been a healthy decision. It is a struggle I am very proud to have stuck with. The extremely necessary caesarian that probably saved both his life and mine, and meant he spent a week or so in intensive care, made breastfeeding extremely difficult. His little brother, in complete contrast, had his first breastfeed less than an hour old. Yes, I'm a zealot. One day I'll be a lactation consultant.
5. I read a book a week. Most weeks anyway. I read all kinds of things, which I think of as trash. I rarely remember their titles or authors. I read to fall asleep, and I read to quiet the thoughts in my head. I'm reading my way through the homeowners bookshelves. Not a lot of trash there, but plenty to interest me. I'm reading poetry, Welsh poets. Very lyrical.

6. Can't decide where I want to live next. I'll have to move Dec/Jan. City apartment? House of my own? Can't decide.

7. My favourite place that I've travelled to is Bangkok. Oh, and then there's this little place in Tasmania with a pretty view.......... Ah, travel. I love to travel. This year I have my sights set on the USA.

I'm supposed to Tag some more people. I tag you dear reader!


Martha said...

I didn't move to Dunedin too. I kind of regret it though.

Good work!

Another Outspoken Female said...

Spooky - I was just thinking about that little medal - yesterday infact!

Judy said...

Hey Pixie...well, you lead such an interesting life, you don't need to stretch the truth, do you! I don't know what those cherry things are that you love so much. If you are travelling to the USA, you absolutely must plan for a few days in Georgia!! I will take you to our beautiful mountains, and then to our beautiful lake, and then we will spend a few days in Atlanta being tourists. How's that? I love marmalade, but promise that I will not inflict it upon you when you come to visit!

tanya@motherwearblog said...

Just found your blog...

I love hearing about mothers whose struggles with breastfeeding lead them to work supporting other mothers. I'm a lactation consultant who had a pretty easy breastfeeding experience, but have worked with so many women to struggle valiantly.

Tanya, Motherwear Breastfeeding Blog