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Friday, May 11, 2007


I've been to Sydney. Not time for much but my lovely hotel room and the meeting. The Marriot (the Hyde Park one) is an old favourite for lots of reasons. Look at that view! And that beautiful bed. I managed to mess it up all by myself.Then I went to Hobart. Did a little work, and met these guys. Casper and Austin. They were lots of fun and very cute. I'm pretty fond of their human too.

I went up a mountain. Mount Wellington. So high! Above the bush line by car. That's a pretty laid back way to climb a mountain. There was also some great Pinot Noir (Tasmanian of course!), wonderful seafood at The Drunken Admiral, a nice lunch in a little country town, and oh......that perfect spa bath (insert contented, very relaxed sigh here). The warm fuzzy glow hasn't worn off yet.

Back to Sydney after that....more meetings and a long flight back to windy Wellington. For the first time this house is too quiet.

And I've lost my keys somewhere, which is going to make it hard to drive the car.


Another Outspoken Female said...

Glad the trip lived up to expectations...I expect a full report! (Photos optional :)

Judy said...

Beautiful pics, and sounds like a wonderful trip...especially the part about the kitty cats' human!! ;-)

I've tagged you to reveal 7 things you have yet to reveal about yourself in your blog...and then tag 7 more. No biggie if it's not your thing.