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Monday, July 09, 2007

8 things

Helen tagged me to tell you 8 things about me.
Well, here you go.....

1. It's so cold in my house the olive oil has solidified. Really. And the rain? It's coming inside. It's dripping into cups.
Dear E&A, homeowners, do not be alarmed. It's the wild weather we're having, it won't last.

2. My name is Helen. 4 of the people who knew me as Pixie have died. 3 of them shockingly suddenly. One painfully of cancer. I think of them all often.

3. I've killed 14 mice in my mouse trap. Guess I've poisoned a whole lot more. Surely they'll stop coming now?

4. I'm quilting my latest quilt with a 1/4 inch grid. Why didn't you stop me?

5. I've got 144 blogs on my bloglines subscription. I'm aiming for 150. Probably won't take much longer. I hope I've got you. Here are two of my latest discoveries:
anknel and burblets and so tread softly .
Oh did you know them already?
Okay, check out i hanna and Yvestown

6. I'm going to San Francisco and New York in November. See, I've told you, so it must be true.

7. I used to write commercials for radio. Back in the day. When radio stations weren't syndicated and each station had its own copywriters and journalists and technicians and 'announcers'. Name me a broadcaster, I've probably worked with them. There are 75 words in a 30 second radio commercial. That will be the source of my accustomed brevity. You can't see spelling mistakes or bad punctuation on the radio either. Best job I ever had...getting paid to be a little crazy. Loved it.

8. I like being tagged, but I wouldn't tag you, you might not appreciate it. So if you want to play, you can say it was me that tagged you.


Helen said...

Thanks for doing that. What an interesting job you had. I didn't know there were 75 words in a 30 second commercial.

I hope there aren't any more mice!

1/4 inch grid? We didn't stop you 'cos you didn't tell us!

It sucks when friends die.

You have more blog subscriptions than I do, but I am not far behind :-)

San Francisco & New York, work or play?

African Kelli said...

That rain will get you ready for SF. It is a beautiful, foggy, rainy town!
Hope your winter is going well. I'm willing the mice to play and remain outdoors.

Mary deB said...

Oh, I'm just going to find out how much it'll cost me to go to New York, too. Oooooooh!

Fleagirl from California said...

YEY!!! You're *really* coming to SF??!!! Have you already made all your arrangements, etc? Do you know where you're staying? I'm 45 minutes north of SF, if you want cheap accomodations :)

And I do know a lot of the hotels in the city--from having lived there and stayed there many times too!