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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Speedy Quilts

Two speedy quilts. Two warm sons. They're debating which quilt belongs to which boy. They're considering a time share arrangement.

Butterflies and bugs and blue and green dots and other blue/green things, all from the stash.

Quilted with a large and speedy stipple all over.

It's good to be using fabrics from the stash, some I've had for years but they've never been touched, some are old friends appearing in their 2nd or 3rd quilt. Much nicer to be using them than having them folded away. Is it a quilters 'thing' to remember where I bought them, who gave them to me? There's a piece from Annette's quilt, the binding from the 9-patch, the dotty stuff I bought in Adelaide.
The quilts both have polar fleece on the back, and no batting. I love how the thread disappears into the fleece and all there is to see is the texture.

You like? What colour would yours be? Come out of hiding and leave me a comment.

And then, perhaps there should be one for me?


Helen said...

When I need cheering up, the second one. When I need to be calm, the first. I can understand why they need to time share! You done good!

PS definitely a shame about having to go to the workhouse to finance it.

Antipodeesse said...

Hi Pixie!

Your quilts are luscious, and I would adore the pink and orange.

I keep meaning to learning quilting ... in my spare time! "One day, my spare time will come."

Shelina said...

I'd definitely join the timeshare on this one - I like them both. The calm soothing one and the warm energetic one.

I've gotten behind in reading your posts, and I wish you well in this new transition in your life. Don't tell the boys I told you this, but I think you too should join the timeshare, cause you need the soothing hug, and the energy to get on with your day.

Mary deB said...

I'd take greens, but with more goldy colours and less blue, please. I like the fleece idea -- I who know nothing about quilting.

Ali Honey said...

Lovely bright quilts! Enjoy your boys - they grow up all too fast!

Having to go to the workhouse makes you enjoy and appreciate leisure time to the upmost.

Helen said...


Hi again.

I have nominated you for the "8 random things" tag. Please ignore and don't do it if you don't want to, or if you've done it before and/or are totally bored by the whole thing.

islaygirl said...

these are gorgeous.

thanks for stopping by my place, i've been reading your archives and am quite pleased for you that your bolthole turned out to be a place by the sea. that's my next step.

Lisa said...

I think I like the blue one the most, but the orange one just seems to glow with warmth. I'm like you and remember where I bought the fabrics, what I used them in, and sometimes what I didn't use them in. It makes it hard to make scrap quilts sometimes because you see the stories of the fabrics, not the effect of them.

By the way, I love the fish in your profile. After the seeing the rhino quilt at symposium, I want to make a giant quilt of an orange roughy, but I'm not quite sure how to go about it. So for now I'm just collecting orange fabrics and ideas!

Nic Bridges said...

Great quilts, keeping kids warm and cheerful is the first commandment of the quilter, I think.