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Sunday, August 12, 2007

F is for ...

Fabric of course!
Here's how most of my stash is stored, in plastic covered wire drawers, which are strong and light and easy to see through. For years they have lived in an old oak wardrobe, but when I moved I left the wardrobe behind. I'll reclaim it when I have to relocate again. It keeps the fabric out of the dust and our harsh NZ light that fades and weakens cotton fabric very quickly. The drawers fit perfectly with some space in the middle for a stack of plastic drawers that hold tread and notions. I love that cupboard. These drawers are sorted by colour, believe it or not. About half of them hold blue! They're a little untidy at the moment. There are 6 sets of 3 drawers and in my head I try to keep the stash around that size. In reality, well......I think the fabric reporduces itself. But never in the right colour.
I've been messing about with fabric ever since I can remember. I come from a long line of knitters, but I've barely touched knitting needles.

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