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Sunday, August 26, 2007


from the outside, looking in

I love libraries. The Wellington City Library is a beautiful modern building, full of light and air, a fine collection of clocks, an excellent cafe and even a basement carpark (someone kissed me once, for the first time, in that carpark). There are books in there too. I've made regular trips to a few suburban libraries around town, but the City library has my heart. I've been taking the boys there, well, since they were born, and they still think it's a treat to visit. They've grown from the ground floor preschool picture books to the childrens books, to young adults and now to the first floor where there are graphics arts, architecture and music books. The craft collection is extraordinary. I've spent a lot of hours there. I guess I'll spend a whole lot more.

My favourite thing about this lovely building are the Nikau Palms that march around one side of it.

Here's Jack, a few years ago, inside that window you were looking in.

Now, that'll make a few Wellingtonians homesick I suspect!

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The Shopping Sherpa said...

I've been gone from Wellington for over 10 years and I'm still mourning my lack of access to the City Library. And Clark's Cafe. *sigh*