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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

3211 words

Here I am, up until midnight, trying to make sure I've got the references detailed correctly. Ooops, just realised I haven't put them in alpha order, and I need to go back through the document to make sure I have the dates right for each of them. Lordy. I don't do attention to detail well enough to be an academic. I don't see a Ph.D in my future. But it's a nice little essay, really it is. I just need a 'pass' right? I'm late with this one. It will be handed in 2 days late. Can I get away with that, do you think?

Did you see this (Anita Roddick). Sad. I have my doubts that she was the saint she is portrayed to be, but she certainly worked bloody hard, and did her best to make fair trade deals. Far too young to die. You never can tell. You must eat, drink, and be merry. Hard though it is, at times.

and this . Madeline's parents are suspects? Her blood in their car, long past the date she went missing. WTF? It better not be true, for they will surely be lynched if they're guilty.


Another Outspoken Female said...

The not boyfriend says he empathises - he's spent the last 3 nights up doing a mere 1500 word undergrad essay - which when he puts it in today is 8 days late!

Stomper Girl said...

Well done on getting through all those words!

Laura said...

I was stunned to read in your post that Anita Roddick died. I got annoyed at times about the all- natural claims, because some of the products aren't, but there is no doubt she tried hard to be a good Fair Trader and she was an interesting woman.