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Thursday, December 13, 2007


Just indulge me for a minute. Here're some NY photos. Some things I don't want to forget. Look, out the window of my plane. It can't be! Surely it's not. It's Central Park. OMG!! I can't believe it.

Where's the hotel? I can't find it. I'm wandering the streets of Jersey City, looking over the river at Manhattan. So beautiful, a perfect night. Where's the &%$#@&* hotel though? I found it eventually, by retracing my steps back to the train station and starting again. But I'm kinda glad I got lost and spent some time (at least an hour!) with that stunning night time view.

The Staten Island Ferry. It's free? really? I just get on here, and gaze at the view? And suddenly there's Liberty. There aren't even many tourists around, we're almost alone. Now that's an icon. That really is.
And this place. Just like in the movies. And right next to Anthropologie. Oh my.
And this view. Just a smidgen of it in this picture. It was fabulous up there. No King Kong about though, except in the gift shop.
Central Park, Strawberry Fields. A pilgrimage on behalf of the Beatle- loving youngest son. Thank goodness he sent me there.
Hey girl, what's it like to be in New York?
New York City.
Imagine that.
Can't get that song outta my head!

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