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Monday, February 04, 2008

I gave up dairy

I gave up eating dairy products.
Only I forgot.

I bought beautiful marinated cows milk feta, for making lunches to take to work. I always take my lunch. It's part frugality and part diet control. So I buy beautiful things, like expensive marinated feta, to put in salads, which taste like a treat, and still cost much less than buying lunch.

And I bought ice-cream (for the kids you understand). It was cheaper to buy a 2 litre tub than it was to buy them icecreams. So I served up 3 bowls, and about half way through, I remembered. I don't eat dairy any more.

Can I tell the difference? Ask my colleagues. I'm coughing again. Dairy really doesn't go with one of the drugs I take. Medicinal, prescribed drugs that is, of course, every bloomin' day!

So, guess I'll start again. I've given up dairy products. I don't eat them any more, from now on. Well, maybe when the feta is all gone. It's raining and gloomy today, so giving up the icecream doesn't seem so bad.

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The Sagittarian said...

You still gonna eat meat right? That's dairy things too fast slow to milk.....and that means I get the dairy milk chocolate, right???