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Tuesday, February 05, 2008


  • 10032 visits. Number 10000 was probably Ben or the Sagittarian which is nice, cos they're both friends from pre-blogging days
  • I've written 204 posts
  • a hedgehog came to visit, we watched him through the window
  • tomorrow is a holiday, and I don't have to be anywhere until 10am. This is unusual
  • thank goodness for the treaty of waitangi. It is the reason I can be a New Zealander
  • there are 66 pictures of a lego concert on my digital camera. apparently I MUST not delete them
  • It's February, and I've sewn not even one stitch in 2008. Also unusual
  • There must be only about 1000 carpet tacks left to pull out
  • I'm spending too much time here, but so are 69,000 other people, right now. Madness.
  • there are 15 sleeps until I go to Melbourne for 10 days

1 comment:

The Sagittarian said...

OOH, Melbourne! I love that place, great shops and wonderful restaurants. Now then, you got a game plan for the melbourne connection?