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Monday, March 24, 2008

A long weekend

It was too short, wasn't it? I moved a load of firewood, from down on the road, up the hill, up a few steps, and stacked it (roughly) behind the house. I felt fit and strong, and I'm very pleased with myself. The boys helped a bit. I'll probably need another load, but I'll ask friends to help with that one. The fire is going to be great!Gratuitous Kitty picture. Favourite cat on favourite quilt. I didn't used to let him sleep on it....

I bought this, from a remnant bin. I was cheeky and offered the shop owner half of the price it was marked at. She agreed, but told me not to tell anyone. So I won't. They're designers guild cotton sateens. Great colours. I think I'll cut them up into 2 inch squares, but there's probably only enough for a cushion. Or maybe a doll quilt. Now there's an idea.

do you remember when this used to be a craft blog?

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