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Thursday, March 13, 2008

The menu

Dinner for 10, chez Pixie, Saturday night.

  • beggars bundles (ham and herby things parcelled up in filo)
  • platters, with prawns (I'm still missing Melbourne), sun-dried tomatoes, char grilled things, olives, and crostini

  • slow slow slow roasted lamb. It will be marinating from tonite, in wine, brandy and herbs. This party is all about the lamb.
  • mushroom risotto (cos I don't want to be making mashed potato on the night, and there won't be room in the oven for roast spuds.....)
  • green salad

  • dessert? yikes....do I have to make them dessert too? I need to think about that one some more....got any ideas?


Anonymous said...

They don't deserve dessert after that feast (who me? jealous??). Just make them good coffee and feed them good chocolates.

Another Outspoken Female said...

A platter of fresh and dried fruit, nuts and good chocolate of course! A fancy dessert would be wasted after all that food but nobody can resist a little pick of sweetness.

Mary deB said...

Stinky cheese and grapes. And port. And tea.

Antipodeesse said...

Easiest dessert ever:

halved, seedless green grapes placed cut side down to line a glass casserole dish (or pretty & shallowish glass bowl).

Fill bowl with a mixture of stiffly whipped cream and Greek yoghurt (half & half).

Sieve soft brown sugar over the top. Leave in fridge overnight. Sieve on more sugar if patches or cracks appear.

You can spank me later!

The Sagittarian said...

Or all of the above. Oh, and put me down for a spanking too please if you have them on the menu!!

islaygirl said...

i'll be trying the grape thing this weekend. and i'm not sharing.

Ali Honey said...

Just do Coffee and some little finger food or dark chocolate.

Sounds yummy to me. Hope you are all enjoying it about now.

Fleagirl from California said...

Sounds delicious--can I crash the party? I adore lamb!

Regarding dessert, I think the fresh fruit suggestions are good. What's in season there? We're just coming into spring here in California, so everything seems to be coming from NZ and southern Mexico.

Do you have time to pick up a lovely fruit tart? Chocolate-dipped biscotti or madelines to have with coffee and liqueurs?