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Monday, March 17, 2008

done dinner

Dinner was great fun. I enjoyed all the cooking, all day, even though it was one of Wellington's sunniest days in March. I joined my sewing table to the dining table so it would seat 10 easily. I set the table extravagantly with my blue and white china collection, and lit lots of candles, the house looked good. The wine and conversation flowed, the food received lots of compliments. Dessert turned out to be a pavlova that someone brought with them, with icecream someone else brought. While we would have all loved a glass of port, I forgot to ask anyone to bring that, so we drank liquers over ice, and talked more and more into the night. I had a great time. There were enough leftovers for Sunday dinner, only just.

Funny though, a whole lot of people who hadn't been to my house before, and the men (single, unattached, I wouldn't say no.....) said the same things .... "oh, my (ex/aunt/mother/sister) does patchwork" "I see your wetsuit, do you.....???"

I'm cool with the wetsuit conversation, it hangs behind the bathroom door after all. But this patchwork thing? I am not your ex/aunt/mother.

Oh no, that's not what I want you to be thinking about me at all, at all.

Oh, and I'm a bad blogger. No photos. Not even one.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the oh-too-familiar feeling of having to explain that we are not all Nannas sewing pretty flowery prints together. I'm so tired of my husband's colleagues thinking I'm a machinist at a bedding factory...
I'm seriously considering making a Brag Book to cart around to conferences and dinners. "These are my kids. These are my quilts."

Another Outspoken Female said...

The "patchwork" comment - sounds like inspiration for a new quilt don't you reckon? What about "This is Art" or "I'm not your mother, sister, ex or aunt". Or perhaps just a stark word or symbol along the lines or f*ck or c*nt - I reckon wifey wouldn't have done that :)

Another Outspoken Female said...

The Not Boyfriend thought that Tracy Emin's needlework could be inspirational under such circumstances :)

The Sagittarian said...

Oh, your blue and white china collection...must get some more for you 'cept I've got a collectiion of my own going now!! Glad dinner was a success, now then when are coming to visit me???

Ali Honey said...

Glad you had fun. Ignore stupid comments...... I'm surprised they knew what quilting is!