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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Never again

First, thanks for all the sweet comments and emails about Eddie. We've known for a long time the boy is talented, but when I mention it, you can see people's eyes glaze over, and they're thinking I'm just a proud Mum. But I really think there's some magic there. You can say you knew him before he was famous. There's more on YouTube.

One of our mutual favourite songs is Split Enz "Charlie" and Ed and I have been laughing about how inappropriate it is for him to sing...we figure it's about heroin after all...but he plays it so well!

Now, if you ever hear me say 'I'm going to rip up the carpet' it is your duty to physically restrain me. And if you hear me complain that my hands ache, I can't stop sneezing, and I'm exhausted, then you must say 'I told you so'. And failing that, if you'd like to join me in hunting down the guy (of course it's a guy) that invented carpet tacks so I can drag him back here and make him remove every sodding, broken, sharp, stubborn, little sliver of metal, sticking relentlessly out of my floor.....you'd be very welcome.

The stair rail looks good though huh? I'm going to get the supports chromed. One day.


Anonymous said...

Oh Lord, yes, I hear you! God bless the idiot who put our ensuite lino (in our old house) down with about 10000 tacks, staples AND glue. I cursed him with every one that I removed. Your stairs look great. The whole house will look wonderful and you will forget the pain. Honest.

The Sagittarian said...

Haha, you have done more in the past 5 months than was EVER done in the past 5 years babe so don't beat yourself up! That house will look wonderful. And we will sit on the patio and drink fine wine and remember when....