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Sunday, October 12, 2008

What do you think?

Would I? Could I? Should I?

These are by Shawna in Dublin.

These stairs from Sunset Magazine, with wallpaper by Ferm Living
(alas, that plumeting $$)

and these, by the extraordinarily clever Melissa at Sugar City Journal.
Can I have the painting too? Check out her uber cool dresses for little girls, they're amazing.

Ya know what? I think I just might......


Shawna said...

You could and you definitely should! I love my stairs!

Ali Honey said...

I love the top one! But do you want to paint the stairs white? - that what makes it work for me. It's not so in ya face as the other 2. Certainly worth considering!

Another Outspoken Female said...

They are all beautiful but it screams "shoe-free house" to me. Considering most of the foot traffic will be from the boys I reckon the pretty designs will get booted and marked in no time :( Unless they are washable!

The Sagittarian said...

I love the first one as well! BUT, agree with the other points about boys and shoes. However, its your pad baby so make 'em take their shoes off. You could offer those godawful slippers to people and give the boys something to laugh about at Xmas for years to come..."Do you remember Mum would make us take our shoes off..."
Go for it!

AL said...

omg - these are stunning. yes yes yes. i love them all. any b&w graphic print would work. you could either buy a roll or wallpaper or create your own with paper or fabric. don't see why it shouldn't work - once pasted down with wallpaper paste and the varnished when you varnish the floors.

i wouldn't do white floors. even wood floors show all dust and hair and need sweeping and mopping. with white and boyz you would be stressed all the time.

how did shawna do hers?

agree about no shoes. its easy - you just say - take your shoes off please and you put a basket or shoe rack at the front door. we do it here and were doing it in Wellington due to new carpet and house for sale. the Japanese do it as a matter of course - if you wouldn't sit on a dirty street why walk it all inside and then sit on it.

now after all your hard work you get to PLAY!

Ben said...

I think you should for sure!

la la Lovely said...

Hi there... thanks so much for participating in my giveaway.. great ideas! Well, I've got some people from Australia.. so what is the difference (well I know there is but I mean from here it's just as far). I'll be announcing the winner tomorrow evening.

Anonymous said...

Definitely, absolutely SHOULD. Don't even hesitate.

Fleagirl said...

Or...if you're feeling literary, paint the tread walls with chalkboard paint and change sayings and poems etc. as you feel like it.

I remember steps like that in college--people in the English wing would show up in the middle of the night and chalk wonderful things on the stairs leading to classes.

Maybe not so wonderful in a house though. Okay. Never mind.