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Saturday, November 21, 2009


Image acquired from MadeByGirl who says she got it from WideOpenSpaces both of whom you should visit if you like to look at beautiful things.

21 November 83.0 kg
14 November 83.5 kg
7 November 84.2 kg
31 October 85.? kg


The Sagittarian said...

Oh good going there, kiddo! What other things ya doing, I'm having home made salad for lunches and going walking...but I fear the cider and champers may be my undoing!

Pixie said...

what am I doing? well, not much really. there isn't time for more swimming or much more exercise, but now I think about it more, I actually say no to the cake and biscuits and chocolate that never seem to be too far away. Why is there so much sweet stuff in my life, betweeen boys treats and office lunches and morning teas??? It's getting easier to avoid. and I don't drink much. really. a glass a week maybe. I know....SAD!!! Obviously I need someone to drink with!