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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

looking after myself

It's like this. I don't think I am looking after myself very well. Not well enough. Are you?

As much as I tell myself the numbers don't matter, the simple fact is that I am overweight. I know lots of you don't own scales, don't want to buy into the whole diet fiasco and blah blah blah...but let's face it, the best, easiest measurement is the bathroom scales.

When I bought my wetsuit 4 years ago, I weighed 75 kilos. I know this becos the (terribly charming) shop guy weighed me to help him figure out which one and which size to sell me. I was surprised by what was/is a low number. The wetsuit still fits me and I love it dearly. Never mind the fact that I look bloody awful in it!

I want to weigh less. Largely for the good of my heart, although past experience shows my weight hasn't had much effect on the scary blood pressure numbers, it surely must contribute. Part of my weight gain is about changed medication, but really, I want to get myself under control. Health is my major motivation, but there's no denying I'll look better too if I weigh less. I'm reasonably fit, I swim at least 3 hours a week, and I spend at least another 3 or 4 hours toiling away in my diy madness and making my garden manageable. I'm trying to make myself walk up the steep hill to home more often. Seems to me I need to eat better. Less refined carbs and much less sugar.

Anyway, I don't want to turn this into a weight loss blog, but my theory is that if I make the commitment here, and I report in every weekend, then I will have your support and I'll be motivated because I know you're watching. Easy, right??

I've been delaying posting this cos I want to post a graph recording my progress, but geez, that isn't easy with dear old blogger! So here're the stats. So far so good.

14 November 83.5 kg
7 November 84.2 kg
31 October 85.? kg

thanks for listening.


Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

Way to go! I desperately need to do this as well but seem to keep failing. Maybe you'll be my motivator to get started. Congrats on a fabulous beginning. :-)

Another Outspoken Female said...

Good on you. I should be doing this with you too as my girth has grown somewhat of late.

The other measurement option is your waist. Healthy for women = maximum 80 cm (how to do it here http://www.measureup.gov.au/internet/abhi/publishing.nsf/Content/How+do+I+measure+myself-lp)

This gets away from the muscles way more than fat issue. Also its the fat on the abdomen that equates to the biggest heart health risk. I have some super healthy recipes "detox" tasty recipes on food nazi too that might help give you a kick along on the food front.

Good luck.

(LOL the word verification for this comment is "bessize"

The Sagittarian said...

Hey I can do this with you, am trying to shift some podge to make way for the binge that is known as Christmas! I had started recording my weight about 3 weeks ago too!! It's a sign I tell you. But it's 'won't power' I need, I got plenty of will power (I WILL have another glass of wine thanks...)

Mary deB said...

I started keeping track a while ago with a bunch of knitters. We all put in a prize, and with each pound lost, we get a raffle ticket for a draw at the end. This would seem great motivation, but I keep losing the same pound over again (gain 2, lose 1...) I'm beginning to think it's the sort of thing one has to get obsessed about in order to really succeed. And I have enough obsessions already! Good luck, we're all cheering alongside!

Helen said...

Well, good on you! I did a bit of a weight loss binge a few months ago but, I fear, most of it has gone back on again. I started at a 'higher' level than you and if I get down to your starting weight I will be really happy :-)