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Thursday, September 02, 2010


September already. Hmm let's see if I can get my blogging mojo back, shall we?
  • I turned 49 yesterday. I am, frankly, full of the joys of life (mostly) and thankful. Went to another funeral of a fine (young like me) man a couple of weeks ago. Enough said I guess.
  • I've been sewing - clothes. I'm getting good at it. Just one special quilt on the go. Pictures to come soon. Really, they will.
  • My vege garden is great. really. I grow the best spinnach, and beetroot. The broad beans are going to be extraordinary, and the strawberries are so keen they need to be pinched back.
  • My cat appears to be allergic to fleas. Hmm. Weird.
  • I joined a gym. I'm loving it.
  • I weigh about 78 kg. which is a lot different to the 85kg I started the year at. Nope, it wasn't easy at all.
Thanks for listening. I'll be back. I think we need a spring clean around here.


The Sagittarian said...

I must send those photos...

cesca said...

Good to have you back! I must find my blogging mojo also... I'm sure it's somewhere around...

Shasta said...

Happy birthday!