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Saturday, September 04, 2010


The two people that commented on my last post are in earthquake country. Sagittarian texted to say they were fine but lots broken. Cesca is probably in the same situation.
There are good pictures here
On the radio people are saying they've never felt anything like it, even compared to the San Francisco earthquake.
Happily there are no reports of any injury. I guess it's lucky it happened at 4:30am ish, rather than at midday when the commercial buildings were all full of people.

See? Thankful! You never know what will happen next.


cesca said...

Yep, we're shaken up but fine! It feels quite surreal actually, as it's a beautiful day here and I should be getting ready to leave for work. Don't think I will though!

The Sagittarian said...

Yeah, its kinda like birth pains...was shite at the time but starting to forget. Mind you, these aftershocks ain't fun at all. We keep hovering near doorways...