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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Inviting happiness

During our Christmas trip to the South Island I had more than a few moments appreciating these two (aged 15 and 18) in the beautiful great outdoors. Walking on beaches and in the bush, exploring caves and admiring flowering forests (the Rata was amazing!) isn't something they'll do with me very often these days. And they will never let me take their photographs! So I greatly enjoyed our exploring, and their company. Their sights are set further afield now, and perhaps if I travel with them both again, it will be in Europe. This picture is from the bottom of Trumans Track, near Punakaiki, West Coast, South Island. One of my favourite places.

Here's a lovely post about inviting happiness. Thanks Diane.


The Sagittarian said...

What great posts! I have finally read 'em all, just commenting here tho cos I am LAZY!

Ali B said...

thats a beautiful photo of the boyz. all that rock texture. don't you feel a quilt coming on - try and stitch that texture. have you seen Dawn Thorne's book Drawn to Stich. Very embroidery based but lots of ideas of how to translate photos like that into textiles of some form.

Ali B said...

BTW your type the letters thing to prove you're not a robot is too hard! normally takes me 2 goes - sometimes I give up.

Ali B said...

Yes I'm whining - sorry - but have pity on a half blind quilter. I (don't) love the 'oooohhh yes' sigh reaction I get when I front to an optometrist

OMG (whine) now I have to put in punctuation as well!