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Monday, February 20, 2012

More Treasures

These beauties are all for sale on Trademe right now.

I love this carpet. There was a similar one in my childhood bedroom.
Have you seen the ripple blanket craze that was doing the blog rounds over the last year or two? Rescue this vintage one and you can have your own.
A Singer featherweight sewing machine. Kindof sewing mecca for quilters. This one looks to be in great condition and it's got a buy now of only $350. Bargain!

I'm bidding on some vintage sewing patterns. I'm not expecting to win them, but I'll show you if I do.

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Lady Mondegreen's Secret Garden said...

Hello Pixie,thanks so much for dropping over to Lady Mondegreen's Secret Garden from (I'm guessing) More Canterbury Tales - Saj talks about you all the time, and no wonder. This is a neat blog with all your sewing treats but those gall stones are fascinatingly beautiful.
Would love to read more when you are ready to post again...