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Saturday, July 21, 2007

bad and good

Look, the olive oil has solidified again. It's cold! The weather is coming to get me. I've been watching clouds rolling in from the south. The calm, still ocean has turned slate grey, and the waves are growing. I hope those kayakers come back to shore soon.

I won this! From the supermarket. Just by being there. Things like that don't happen to me. Do they happen to you? I hope it's a new trend. Yum! And a basket for my crochet project. Perfect.

No-one I live with is interested in the Harry Potter book. The 13 year old has moved on, isn't interested. The 10 year old has never been interested in that fantasy stuff. They both read a lot though. Guess I'll have to buy it for myself.


Mary deB said...

Ohhh, buy it, read it, and be glad you don't have to fight with the kids to finish it!

My word to type in today is "masky" which goes well with HP, don't you think?

Helen said...

Seeing is believing! How long does it take olive oil to un-solidify? Sorry I didn't reply to your chat the other day. My new student doesn't have his own computer and is using mine. He was on, not me. I thought I had that problem solved when "the boy" bought his own!

Fleagirl from California said...

You all can chat with Shane re: HP. He got the last one the day I went to the hosp. to have the baby. Finished it in about two days, and now has re-read the entire series in less than three weeks. He has been making wands all day and devising new spells. Tonight he made a spell for me to make a sauce for dinner so I didn't have to stand at the stove. (he is much annoyed that neither I nor his dad read HP)