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Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday things

Everyone is watching this google map that does a time lapse thing to show you the quake activity. Yikes. Hang in there Cantabrians, it's gotta stop sometime.

Kitty and I are going to the vet tomorrow. Poor itchy kitty. His fur isn't as nice or thick and soft as it used to be. Hopefully it's an easy fix.

The crazy cut everything down neighbours cut down the honeysuckle hedge (very sad face) and have replaced it with a timber fence/retaining wall. So now I guess I can now grow something over the fence. Passionfruit? Some berries? Wanna come to the garden centre with me?

And while we're out, I need to buy this new pattern from Kwik Sew.

So I can make me one of these.....
I reckon it would take 3 hours tops, from start to finish. Easy!

This one is from Max, and it's lovely. Except I live in Wellington. When am I going to wear such sleeveless-ness???


Lori said...

...under a coat?

Thanks by the way for commenting on my blog. I wish I'd connected with you before our trip! But surprise surprise, we may be spending more time in NZ...as in a few years. DH has put in for a transfer with his company. We'll probably be in Auckland but we could choose Wellington.

The Sagittarian said...

When you visit me in summer?